The alliance for a climate-just and grandchild-friendly Magdeburg by 2035.

The Climate Alliance Magdeburg is an alliance of more than 50 civil society groups, initiatives and associations with the goal of a climate-friendly and grandchild-friendly city of Magdeburg by 2035. To this end, we want to build a strong civil society lobby that represents the interests of a future-oriented urban society, encourages those responsible to consistently pursue this goal and supports them in doing so.
Together with the people of Magdeburg, we would like to discuss how they envision a climate-friendly future in Magdeburg and offer them the opportunity to become an active part of the alliance. Everyone can play a part in shaping this!

Our demands

We demand that the measures and their progress of the “Master Plan 100% Climate Protection” be made transparent, evaluated closely and expanded with new measures that can be linked to the 2035 target.

We demand that a comprehensive sensitization of the entire administration and society to the urgent need for climate justice be organized.

We demand that formats for the active participation of the broad civil society in questions of the design and implementation of climate protection measures be promoted, developed and realized.

We demand that important structural conditions for a participatory, effective and goal-oriented implementation of climate protection measures are created within the administration (e.g. climate department / climate council / climate committee).

We demand that a results-oriented allocation of both human and financial resources be made available for this major transformation task.

Contact us

Just send an email via for any kind of request (besides spam). We will come back to you as soon as possible.

We are happy about all interested people who want to join our group! 

Zufriedene Gesichter nach Auswertung der Pinnwände
Poster mit Mitgliedern des Klimabündnis Magdeburg (Stand 27.09.2021)
Poster with members of the Climate Alliance Magdeburg (as of 27.09.2021)